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 WINGS & WHISPERS -- Loving Guidance from the Angels


How do we encourage our children?

Where can they go for hope and never-ending support? 

What do we tell them when tragedies happen? Who can they always trust? Who can teach them to believe? 


 THE INSPIRATIONAL BOOK FOR CHILDREN AGES 7 thru 10. Sixteen different angels, all painted by senior citizens, each deliver a message of empowerment and encouragement. Please inquire about details!

Founder of RED POPPY PRESS, inspirational writer, certified tea specialist, & poetess, Dharlene Marie Fahl, uses the world's number one beverage; TEA, as a vehicle for self-enlightenment, self-transformation, self-love, self-healing, and so much more!

A world tea traveller, visiting the lands where the tea plant grows, as well as discovering the spiritual connection of tea with inner peace, Ms. Fahl writes and shows you how powerful and healing time with a cup of tea can truly be.

In the time it takes to mindfully sip a cup of tea, magic can happen.


In a number of upcoming books to be published by RED POPPY PRESS, Dharlene Marie gives you just enough information about tea to invoke several, hmmm, I-never-knew-that, as well as many, who-would-have-thought moments to inspire you to see tea with new eyes, as well as seeing yourself with new eyes. And then, to actually use time with a cup of tea as a vehicle for self-transformation.

Perhaps you are asking yourself what can possibly happen while sipping tea?

Yes! That is the beginning, thank you for asking. Mindfully sipping tea -- let's start there -- but what does that even mean? 

Bottom line? You will learn to meditate while sipping a cup of tea, and this will become a potent kinetic & stress relieving activity for you.

How to do this is explained in all the books Ms. Fahl writes.  But until then, please sign up to receive bits of information to enlighten you. Signing up now will give you first access to the books before they become available to the public.

meditation series 


Currently available on Amazon:  Sereni-Tea : Seven Sips to Bliss 

Stay tuned for these titles:

First, will be a Guided Tea Meditation Series for: 1. INNER PEACE  2.  STRESS RELEASE  3.  OPENING TO LOVE  4. WHAT IS MY PURPOSE?

Tranquili-Tea : Sipping - Praying - Healing with Tea 

 Divini-Tea :  The Power to Reconnect While Sipping Tea

Sancti-Tea : The Sacred Bridge That Connects Us All  (A Fiction/Non-Fiction combination) 

Tea Enlightenment - What is TEA, anyway?

Glossary of Tea Terms - How to Speak the Language of Tea

A Deeper Discovery of Tea -  Scientifically, Physiologically, Psychologically, Spiritually & Metaphysically

 A Passion for Tea - Tea Inspired & Tea Infused Poetry

Shades of RED - Poetry for Igniting the Inner Romantic

Poetry for the Everyday Lover - Making Love Easier Every Day






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