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Wings & Whispers

Introducing 18 new Angels all created for children by seniors citizens.  Available soon!

Wings & Whispers 

BOOK TWO  :  Angels Speak to the Heart of Every Child



 Author, Dharlene Marie Fahl will be in Saskatchewan from July 16th thru the end of August to meet and speak with groups large and small, young and "seasoned." Please reach out thru social media pages! Saskatoon is the birthplace of Dharlene Marie.

BOOK ONE : Loving Guidance from the Angels

Our Inspirational Book for Children! 

Featuring angel artwork from local seniors. Each angel has a message of love and guidance for children ages 7 through 10 and is sure to delight several generations!

The Angel of Truth

Dear One, truth is being true to you. 

Trust that your heart already knows what to do. 

Little ones like you know what is true, and what the truth really is. 

The small voice inside of you is very wise. 

It will guide you, show you, and sometimes speak for you.

It will sound like you because it is you, the real you. Telling the truth is always the right thing to do. Speaking your truth is telling others what feels right for you. Doing something you don't want to do, doesn't feel good inside. Trust what you are feeling and do your best to let others know this. Confidence comes from knowing you did the right thing for you, and also when you do the right thing for others, too. If you are ever confused and don't know what to do, just call out to me, I am here. I am the Angel of Truth. Even if you whisper, I will hear you. I am always near you to comfort you and guide you. ~ Dharlene Marie Fahl ~ (c)

The Angel of Truth was created by Linda Morrison of Menifee, California.

Apology -- this cover is not the final & current cover -- sorry, can't delete it! 











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