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We love inspirational stories! And we also love stories about tea and the fascinating ways in which tea has changed your life.

If your journey with tea has lead you to a tea-related business -- we'd love to help you get the word out -- and your products, as well.

We don't sell tea (we're a publishing company through which we educate people about tea) -- but if you sell tea and tea products -- let us help you! 

Ours is a referral program -- but we're interested in affiliate programs, too.

If you sell tea -- we ask for samples so that we may help promote you in a much stronger way -- with our endorsements of your products.

RED POPPY PRESS is interested in ORGANIC products to feature on our site. 

We believe this is the best way to go -- organic products also separates one tea or one tea company from many others.  Therefore, making it much easier for the consumer, as well as the novice tea drinker.

With your products listed on our site, any time you wish to share a story about tea, a specific tea or tea product, we'll be happy to put it right here on our Stories page.

Please feel free to contact us. Thank you. We wish to foster an environment of collaboration -- something we'd like to see more of in this world of ours today. NAMASTE. 


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