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March 8, 2017


A global celebration of the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.

The day is also a call to action.  A call to be bold.  A call to appreciation.  A call to celebrate. 

See how and when it all began -- you may be surprised.




Whether we do this globally, nationally, within our communities, or right in our own homes -- when we take our focus off of our own little dramas and reach out to someone else -- we have expanded.

Our life experiences are for expanding, for growing, for healing and for loving. We have a moral obligation to ourselves, and when we start there, it becomes much easier to extend that moral obligation outward to whomever is in need.

This video is a bit dated but the message will never be. 

 February 19, 2017


What would it feel like to be unstoppable? 

How does one develop a passion for life and live it every day? 

Why do some people seem to be so gifted? So connected? So talented? So committed? So skilled?

And others -- not so much! 

There are people who never need an alarm clock. Others who must always set the alarm. Some with no specific time to rise. And many that hit the snooze button over and over before getting out of bed. Which one are you? 

And there are even more people who rise, shower, dress, but never wake up.

Sound asleep -- day after day. Hmmmm. 

Now here's a young man -- that's unstoppable, talented, skilled, passionate, powerful, and FULLY AWAKE!  



February 18, 2017


Gee, aren't those two things enough!? 

Yes, they really should be but sometimes we waver and we weaken. Our resolve just sort of dissolves!

How do you get your self-lovin' mojo back?

Brendon Burchard says it's about believing in yourself and how to do that with these five things:

1. Momentum

2. Integration

3. Feedback

4. Priming

5. Love 

Do have a quick look right here.





February 17, 2017


Obsessing about negative things? Running them over and over in your head? Perhaps you are re-working an event in your head with what you could have done, should have done, will never allow to happen again, what you could have said, should have said, etc., etc., and more blah, blah, blah!


Stop doing that -- stop yourself the moment you realize it's happening. But check in with your body first. Notice what's happening with your physical body while you are running those same thoughts over and over again in your head. It's reacting! Your body is responding to what you are thinking. It's tense, and that makes YOU tense.

Adrenaline is pumping, your heart rate speeds up, maybe your teeth are clenched or your fists are clenched, perhaps you are perspiring -- be aware of what is happening to your body. You're getting yourself all riled up!

Please watch the video below on how to stop yourself when this is happening.

I've had the opportunity to meet Brendon a few times when he was new and up and coming -- and he was wonderful even back then. He is currently doing and has done some amazing things!  His message in this video comes across clearly, powerfully, and most positively.



 February 16, 2017


There's a lot of junk that lives up there!

Think of your subconscious mind as a big, old attic where stuff has been stored. Some of it was initially put away neatly in boxes, trunks, bags, containers, etc.  It made sense to put them away -- they were things you didn't really need anymore -- but things you wanted to hang on to -- you know -- just in case you ever needed them again.

Other stuff -- you were busy -- in a hurry -- and you just sort of shoved them up there in the attic because you really didn't know what to do with them anymore. 

There were times when you did need some of the things you nicely put away. And you went up there to retrieve them but you couldn't really remember which container you'd put them in. So, you had to tear most of them apart to find exactly what you were looking for. By then, you were frustrated and had made a big mess -- a mess you didn't have time to clean up. You just shut the door and left. 

This seemed to happen several times and every time you go up there you promise yourself you will sort through things, organize them again, and this time, throw a bunch of stuff out! But every time you return the mess is bigger than it was the time before and now the task is just so darn daunting that you simply don't have the time or energy to tackle it. 

There are sentimental things up there, some things of value, some childhood toys that bring back good memories, things you are saving for your own children -- someday -- if you ever have any, and other things that might be of value, someday. And things you may someday need. 

Someday seems like a very powerful day -- I wonder when that is? Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Someday. Gee, why isn't that day on our calendars? Full moons, holidays, seasons, and all that kind of stuff is always on calendars -- but you never see SOMEDAY.    What's up with that?


February 15, 2017


In every way, the things we do every day, create our reality -- one in which we can completely control.  When you believe things are out of control or out of your own control -- it's time! That means it's absolutely time to take charge of your own life! Sorry, but it actually means -- it's past the time to take control.

But, it's never too late! 

Developing healthy habits for your mind, body, heart and soul are more important than the habits for business and life in general. This is where those good and positive habits have the most impact -- for yourself first, and foremost.

Once you get things right with all four of these aspects of YOU -- you'll be able to handle anything that comes at you! 

Eat right. Think right. Do right. Be right -- right in what works for you -- not as opposed to "wrong." You're the only one who decides what is "right" for you. 

This does lead me to the highly-acclaimed book: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People -- by Steven  Covey -- and these effective habits do indeed help you DO right -- for yourself -- and for the world.

If you've never read the book -- here's a video that encapsulates the book in fourteen minutes. Do have a look especially if you are at the point when things in your life seem out of your control.

You CAN take back your power. Each new habit you create gives you power and control over your life.  Go get it! 




February 14 14, 2017


Are you running on empty? Existing on fumes? Whether it's the relationship with your partner -- or yourself -- you gotta be filling up that love tank! Our relationships are like our vehicles -- we have to maintain them -- and we need to keep adding fuel to the tank -- as well as keeping an eye on all the little things -- the warning signs. 

On this Valentine's day when we supposedly express our love with tokens and trinkets -- is that enough to keep our relationships healthy and thriving? Is taking care of your vehicle only once a year a wise decision? We wouldn't get very far if we only filled the tank once a year. But for a lot of people, a once-a-year servicing of their vehicle is even hard to do. 

With our vehicles -- just like our relationships -- we wait till something big happens or breaks before we deal with it. 

Most of us have learned that lesson -- over and over. Keep putting it off. Keep ignoring it. Keep getting by. And when we are forced to deal with it -- the repair job is often outrageously expensive -- and frequently -- beyond repairing. 

They've installed warning lights in our vehicles -- and those get ignored, too! 

Oh, there are many warning signals in our relationships, aren't there? And ignoring them seems to be easier than attempting to deal with them. We often mean to address them -- but more often than not -- we do not have the skills for properly handling these delicate things. 

Yes, we've all known people -- usually men, (sorry) that claim they "don't need no stinkin' mechanic" and go about repairing things on their own -- and how does that usually turn out?

"We don't need a marriage counselor?" "I'm not going to therapy?" Sound vaguely familiar?

Divorce ends up appearing much easier.

Oh, that darn love tank! It's a guzzler! But you can't run it dry! 

Each and every one of us has our own love tank, too. What are you doing for yourself to fill your own tank of self-love?




February 13, 2017


Hearts and flowers -- tokens of love -- but how do we love ourselves?

It tends to sound corny or trivial -- but it is the greatest gift of love we can give -- LOVE TO YOURSELF -- LOVE OF SELF. 

Is it embarrassing to say or feel good things about yourself?  It seems so, doesn't it? Mostly because we are just so unaccustomed to it! It's unfamiliar territory for most of us. Yes, it's going to take practice -- and it's going to take time. 

I greatly appreciate the solid, core message of Louise Hay. She has spent decades teaching people to love themselves. And she asks them to start in the mirror. Just about every one of us will start our day with a few minutes in front of the mirror -- for some it's a great deal longer -- but this is a good place to start. You're there already.

Try it. Look into your own eyes and greet yourself by your name and tell yourself that you are loved. Soon you'll be able to add that you are really, really loved. Those are Louise's words and it always makes me smile when she says, "I really, really love you."

It's childlike but it's the little child in us that needs to hear it. Yes, that hurting and forgotten child still lives in each one of us.

Start there ...




February 12, 2017


Do you have a morning routine? Is it your ritual? Do you do it from a place of gratitude, appreciation, and self-love?

Or do you jump out of bed late, running behind, overwhelmed by everything that must be done today? Are you mindlessly gulping down foods and beverages? Snapping at family members? Frantically searching for misplaced things? Heart pounding -- sweat dripping -- temper raging? Wow -- not a good way to start the day!

Can you start with something simple? Perhaps just waking up 10 minutes earlier to remain in bed but review things in your life for which you are grateful. Could you do that? Could you start your day off this way?

If life feels out of control -- then you are out of control -- reacting to everything that comes your way -- and even getting worked up about things that could happen.

Start your day off in a positive way. Empower yourself from the moment you wake up. 

Don't get all worked up by the routines of others mentioned in this video -- start small -- just start.

What's your morning ritual? 



February 11, 2017 


Yes, right now it's all about hearts! February is Heart Health Month, and of course, we have Valentine's Day. Some love this day -- others dread it!

It's an overblown commercial/materialistic day -- buy something to show or prove to someone that you love them. Single people usually hate this day. It's a day that reminds them that they don't have anyone that loves them. Crap!

Forget about the other girls in the office with their bouquets of roses arriving long before Valentine's Day so they can flaunt their flowers to everyone. Change the channel with all the commercials for diamonds and chocolate to show someone they are loved. All of that is crap!

How much do you love yourself?

How much of what you are doing is because you love doing it?

Are you living from your heart? Do you even think about your heart -- or its health? Sometimes the focus is on physically exercising the heart -- but missing the daily opportunities to tune into your heart -- to listen to it -- to trust it. To know life is all about living from your heart. We know that living from paycheque to paycheque doesn't make your heart happy -- because it never makes you happy! It is most likely, though, that living from paycheque to paycheque wouldn't be bad at all if you were doing something you absolutely loved -- now would it?

Think about your heart this month -- and every month afterward -- think about it today -- and tune into to it every day. Just check in with yourself. Tune into the things you love to do -- focus on that. Your heart will reveal things to you -- get quiet and sit still long enough to hear what it is trying to tell you. 

 Yes, life is all about the heart -- YOUR HEART -- LISTENING & LIVING FROM YOUR HEART.



  February 10, 2017


For many people, JOY is a word that eludes them and confuses them. 

Joy and happiness are not the same things. Happiness usually comes from outside sources. We look to people and things to make us happy. Not realizing that happiness is a choice. And also not realizing that when we look to external things for our happiness -- it is a never-ending pursuit. 

Once you experience joy -- you will also discover that it is a choice, too. 

But JOY comes from a place within. It feels a whole lot like love.

Holding a newborn baby -- that's joy -- if it is your baby -- that's love -- ah, but it could also be joy. 

Joy is a choice -- but it can sneak up on you -- when it does -- pay attention.  Feel it all the way. Get used to that feeling. You can only feel it from the inside. Joy livens up your entire body -- cells, muscles, organs, etc. -- they can all feel joy. 

Love can be a bit misleading -- remember those feelings of new love? Oh, yes, they were taking over your entire body, too. But a great deal of that was hormones and all that other stuff going on in your brain. It was chemical -- like a drug. Those chemicals keep us going for some time, don't they? And when they wear off what do you have? Either real love or you're moving on to find your next high. 

Joy comes from your heart and is not like a drug. To choose joy is to observe things at a much deeper level -- and to feel them at, and from that level. Joy can come from something as simple as a flower in full bloom. You feel it from a cosmic level. You are taking the time to appreciate it -- to deeply observe its intricacy -- to marvel at its delicacy and its tenacity.

Choose to use your eyes to see joy -- to find joy -- to choose to see the joy in everything and everyone.  Oh, how your heart will expand -- and how it will thank you!





February 9, 2017


Yes, Mr. Dyer, most of us were raised to be ordinary. We were not taught that there was something special and unique within each and every one of us.  Ordinary was good enough. And some struggled just to be ordinary. Suppressed their dreams and desires to settle for an ordinary job and an ordinary life. And yes, there were also many for whom even stepping up to ordinary presented a life-long challenge -- they were taught that they were less than ordinary and not deserving.


Such painful life lessons from people who just didn't know.

But we do know -- something inside of us knows more -- wants more -- is more -- than we have been taught. Find that person. Love that person. Be that person.

Love the little hurting one who just didn't know -- protect that little delicate one. Claim your passion and your power and you will know ultimate wealth -- the kind no one can ever take away!



February 8, 2017


Oh, that feeling of sinking in quicksand! Stumbling around in the dark. One brick wall after another!  This on top of that. Try this now and give up on that. Timing just wasn't right. All the ducks were out of order. The stars weren't aligned, yada, yada, yada!

Trust the struggle. OR -- ask yourself -- is the struggle real? Am I making it up? Is it an excuse? 

If the struggle is real -- then there is something it is attempting to show you -- or teach you -- over and over.

Ask what it is you can learn from the struggle. See yourself on the other side of the struggle. Way beyond the struggle. Laughing at the struggle because you now understand why it existed in the first place.

Then ask yourself if others may be facing similar struggles -- can you help those people? Will you help those people?



February 7, 2017


Have you seen it yet? Have you experienced the best version of yourself yet? 

What do you think that best version of yourself looks like? When you are ultimately at your peak of success -- what does it look like? What are you doing? Where are you living? Who is around you? How do you feel? When are you the happiest?

This best version of you has to be seen by YOU -- in your mind -- first. 

Are you upgrading the best version of yourself on a regular basis?  Have you kept on learning? Not only from books but also from yourself? When we keep upgrading our vision of success, it is because we know WE have changed. Usually, because we have grown. Your 21-year-old version of yourself is usually different from the 31-year-old version, and so on, and so on. It gets modified, upgraded and fine-tuned because you keep learning and understanding yourself and life better all the time.

See the upgraded version of the best version of yourself -- in your mind -- and keep going in that direction.

Just keep going -- and growing. 





February 6, 2017


Yes! Things are always changing -- and they are always going to change. Longing for the good-old days is a waste of your time -- your energy -- and your brilliance. Waiting for the right time -- the right circumstances -- the right people, etc., is the same as hiding your light under a bushel. Wishing and longing for things to return to the way they were blocks your creativity -- stops your imagination -- and prevents you from seeing the opportunities in what is presenting itself -- right now -- right in front of you -- or all around you. It puts you under that bushel -- in the darkness -- all alone. And who wants to live like that?

See yourself expanding into the change. Not losing what once was. Perhaps there were many good times in the old times and it is the feeling of those good times you are seeking? You can have those good feelings again but they just may be coming from a whole new source. Keep yourself open to those sources because there are many. Be resilient to change. 

If things always stayed the same -- we'd all most likely be bored out of our minds. We are creative beings. Get creative again. Look with new eyes. See the changes as exciting -- even if they scare the pants off of you!

Tune into your own inner brilliance -- your own inner light -- your own inner wisdom.

Stop waiting. Stop wishing. Stop stopping yourself! 



February 5, 2017


To really  look -- is to really  see.  AND -- to really see  is to really look.

Yes, the mirror exercises! How so many dread them -- fear them -- hate them. But, it's time! Time to stop treating yourself this way. Society has created a standard that isn't real -- so to heck with those standards! Nothing or no one is more beautiful than someone who exudes confidence, strength and love! Self-love that is. Some even cringe at those words, SELF-LOVE.  Let's get over all of that nonsense so we can start truly living and loving our lives!

In the video that follows -- once again -- you will see the Queen of Self-Love, Ms. Louise Hay -- yes, I am most fond of her, and the life lessons she has been sharing for decades and decades. I love the part in the clip where the gentleman states that when Louise talks to herself in the mirror -- it is as if she is speaking to an old and dear friend. YES! Trying that is extremely powerful -- it seems to just lighten one up completely -- lighten up and light up yourself! 

In the beginning -- start by simply looking directly into your own eyes. Talk to yourself while keeping your eyes fixed on the eyes in the reflection. Something will happen -- but you won't know what this is till you try it.

As you get more comfortable with this -- surprise yourself sometime and greet yourself as if you are seeing an old and dear friend for the first time in a long time -- and you actually will be.

Every time you pass a mirror -- I challenge you to acknowledge your presence first, then say something nice to yourself or about yourself. Every time. This will help you to prepare yourself for the full-mirror exercises. It's all just one step at a time but being consistent and faithful in doing so -- is the answer.



 February 4, 2017


It's heart-health month. February is the month when we see hearts all over the place. Hearts, roses, chocolate, yada, yada, yada! Oh, yes, we must add diamonds to this list, too! These have become our symbols of love -- CRAP! Yes, I say it again. Sometimes you just gotta call it like it is!

We have so many symbols that supposedly represent love -- that it's not a wonder why so many people are lost when looking for love, being in love, and losing love.

In keepin' it real -- I will share RuPaul's total-right-on-the-money saying, "If you can't love yourself -- how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?"   A tad bit crude -- but so utterly accurate.

What starts in the heart -- IS LOVING YOURSELF!  

Loving yourself is the beginning of having it all. Everyone gets to choose what having it all means to them. 

When we love ourselves it is much easier to believe in ourselves -- to set our goals a little higher -- to seek more fulfilling relationships -- to desire more -- to question more -- to trust more -- to treat our physical bodies better -- to live more fully! To put all of yourself in everything you do. To surround yourself with people who feel the same way. To let go of the people that are holding you back -- dragging you down -- preventing you from exploring more of yourself. 

The dream that was planted in your heart -- becomes real -- it becomes attainable -- doable -- achievable.  We no longer need to suppress it -- hide it -- deny it -- or dumb it down.

What starts with the heart is what is in the heart. 

For heart-health month -- trying tuning into your heart. Jump up and down half a dozen times -- then feel your heart -- physically touch your pounding heart -- and reconnect with it. Then sit down quietly -- with your hand still upon your heart -- welcome it to speak to you -- then listen to it!

Love yourself. Listen to yourself. Believe in yourself. Live the life you came here to live! 



February 3, 2017


It has been said that knowledge is power -- and this has been interpreted as:

I have the answers/knowledge, and to be more powerful and better than most -- I will keep that knowledge to myself. I will guard my secrets with my life. If I share my knowledge -- then I lose my power.

CRAP! This is not the way of the universe. Knowledge is meant to be shared. You become more powerful when you spread knowledge around. When you teach others -- encourage others -- appreciate others.

I didn't know the ways of the universe when I was a career woman in the 80's. Oh, I'm certainly not professing to know them all now -- because I sincerely desire to be learning these wisdoms for the rest of my life. But I did feel that if I withheld my knowledge -- then I held the power. I was not a friendly female in the workforce. I was of the school of thought -- every woman for herself! Gosh, how that hurts me to admit that now! But it's the truth -- and I am most appreciative to have abandoned that belief!

I was the only woman in a male-dominated company, and with the female managers that I trained, I formed NO bonds. If they were going to make it -- they had to do it on their own. I took no woman under my wing. Certainly not those who would, or could be after my position! Although, to women in lesser positions -- I do feel I helped them. 

The Dalai Lama is quoted as saying, "The world will be saved by the Western Woman." Wow! That's us! And if we don't know how to work together -- it isn't going to happen!

I heard the Dalai Lama speak in person in 2007, and it was a profound occasion for me. I looked around at the thousands of women around me -- and thought to myself -- there is an incredible amount of power in this room! 

As women, we are much more powerful than we've ever been lead to believe!

It is time, Ladies! It's time! 

Here are some women who share their secrets:




February 2, 2017


Some have said that the journey from the heart to the mind can be one of the hardest and longest ever taken. But that's crap! 

TRUST! Trust that your inner wisdom will guide you. Trust that what is burning within you -- is YOU. The real you. The authentic you. This magnificent part of you has a direct path from your heart to your head -- your mind -- your higher mind. And that path travels both ways. 

Only when the path gets cluttered with doubt, fear, scarcity, and lack of self-love/self-worth -- does the traffic jam start.

You don't get very far when traveling on this road. Oh, there will be little breaks in the traffic -- and you'll feel like you can make some progress -- but then, wham! More blocks on the road -- fear creeps up -- someone expresses their doubts -- and boom, all of yours are back again -- stopping you dead in your tracks -- leaving you in a cloud of burnt rubber! And that smell! You don't want that -- ever.

Confucius said, "The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step." That's all you gotta do -- keep steppin'!





February 1, 2017


Know who you are!  Show it to the world! Walk around with a true sense of yourself. Hmmmm ... What would that look like?

How would you hold your head if you were walking around with a true sense of yourself?

Would there be a bounce in your step? Would there be a smile on your face? Would you finally understand swagger?

Are you confident in your body? Even if it's not the "ideal" body -- own it -- walk around in it -- claim it as your vehicle -- your vessel -- and that all you contain within it -- is perfect, whole, and good.

What energy is there in your presence?  Is it strong, healthy, happy, and exuding confidence? Imagine what that looks like -- on you -- no one else -- this is your exercise -- your opportunity to visualize yourself in a powerful state -- your true state.

Practice walking around the house in this state. Go for a walk down the street this way. Then go to the grocery store in this state.  Keep practicing this walk. Go to work this way. Go out on a date this way. Walk into a business meeting this way. Walk into your bedroom with a true, pure, and real sense of your true self.



January 31, 2017


You are full of resources -- all that you will ever need to do what you truly desire -- you already possess.  We seem to easily believe our resources are so scarce -- so limited -- so available to everyone else -- and not us. "I just seem to have so many road blocks. It's just so hard. Why them and not me? It should be my turn by now. I want it now. I've waited long enough." Blah, blah, blah.

Yes, those are all excuses -- and deep down inside -- we know we're using these excuses to quit. Quitting before you fail is still failing -- quitting before you succeed -- is still failing. This time -- failing -- quitting -- whining -- crying -- wussing out -- is NOT AN EXCUSE! NO EXCUSES THIS TIME!

This time -- you hang in there -- you get creative -- you tap into all those inner resources of yours. You ask for help. You get help. You find help in places no one thinks to look. You put out a request for help and open your eyes to see it when it comes knocking at your door. Be ready -- it just may surprise you. And sometimes that surprise you've been waiting for -- the one you've been expecting -- you may find looking back at you in the mirror! SMILE AND WELCOME IT -- that's whom you've truly been looking for to save you.

You are your own resource center.  You are full of resources. YOU ARE RESOURCE-FULL. 





Repeat those lines as many times as necessary -- then repeat them again! 


January 30, 2017


If there is still air in your lungs -- YOU'RE STILL IN THE GAME.  It ain't over!

It's never over -- and guess what?  When you put all of yourself into the game -- even after the air is out of your lungs -- the game goes on -- the dream lives on -- your purpose continues. YOU ARE never over. You continue to live on.

That seems to be what most of us secretly desire -- for part of ourselves to live on. To leave something behind. For the world to know we've been here. That we did something. Our lives meant something. That we touched the lives of others.

That we mattered.

Everything matters. YOU MATTER. Your life means something -- YOU are someone special -- YOU ARE YOU!




January 29, 2017


Don't be a schlump!  You're not inept!

Why would you want to just slide by -- coast -- sit on the sidelines -- or not even TRY? 

FEAR -- perhaps -- ASLEEP -- could be -- UNAWARE OF YOUR OWN POTENTIAL -- most likely!

Push yourself -- always do your best -- at everything you do -- even the jobs that seem temporary -- some people end up staying there all their lives. And I'm sure you can guess why -- they didn't push themselves -- they never discovered their own potential. They probably just did a good job -- and for many companies -- good is enough -- but if one is great at their job -- companies find or create a place for them to go.

GOOD just keeps you on the same path.

Doing your best is exciting -- it's exhilarating -- it motivates you -- it opens you to do more -- BE more -- and have more.

Here is a wonderful video -- yes, it's a bit long -- think of it as a 30-minute investment in yourself.


BE MORE YOU!! (AHHHH, bummer, I'm so sorry this video was removed -- I know you'd have loved it!)


January 28, 2017


Hmmm -- what does this really mean? When asking the opinion of another, perhaps their answer has been, "I'm of two minds." Blah, blah, blah. People have a hard time making decisions. Committing to things. Being sound in their choices, etc., etc. And all of this is accepted as normal. We are not taught to have a great deal of confidence in ourselves and our decisions -- which is why we end up asking the opinion of someone else! 

We are all of two minds. A higher mind and a lower mind. Guess which one most of us live in? Yup, our lower minds!

That's the place of fear, scarcity, ineptitude, and all other lower thoughts -- petty thoughts -- useless thoughts -- thoughts that do not help us grow, or love, or forgive, or reach all the goals and desires we have for changing our lives. The inner critic lives and thrives in this space. This is the environment it loves! 

Our higher minds are tuned into higher energies. It is a place of positive thoughts. Of confidence -- of trust -- of belief -- and surrender. In this peaceful place we do not have to have all the answers -- we don't have to have everything figured out before we take a step in a new direction. From this elevated state of being -- we trust that everything is going to be okay. That we will be guided -- that we are powerful beings -- that we are all connected -- that we are all one. That each and every one of us is capable of great things. 

This is the place where your inner wisdom lives. And from this place you are able to access this wisdom. It is simply there -- waiting for you to arrive! And it has prepared a feast and a party in your honor. So, it's very important that you show up!

This is a place of freedom and vastness. When you are free from all those negative and nagging thoughts -- there is so much room for all the good that has been waiting for you -- and all you have to do is show up!

Let's get rid of the negative and defeating thoughts and be free! Once again, please have a listen to one of our earth angels, Louise L. Hay, sharing a message just for you. 


January 27, 2017


"Mind your manners. Say please and thank you.  Excuse yourself. Respect your elders. Let others go first. Be nice or people won't like you. If you can't say anything nice -- don't say anything at all." 

Do any of these little phrases sound familiar? 

We must be nice -- it's important that people like us -- or what will they think?

All that stuff we were taught was about being nice to others. Did anyone ever teach you to be nice to yourself? No one taught me that! Sometimes all that niceness get flips around in our minds and we think the exact opposite of what we just said -- don't we? Almost like a childish, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah!

The things we think and say about ourselves are really what we believe others are thinking about us -- isn't it?

The things we secretly criticize about others -- are usually what we are criticizing ourselves about in our minds.

And all that stuff -- that junk -- those critical thoughts -- seem to live on -- and on -- and on -- don't they?

It's time to love that little, scared child within yourself -- the one that was so afraid of not being liked -- or accepted -- or even seen. The precious child that was taught all those manners that applied to others -- only -- not for the child.

What the child learned was that he or she was not good enough just as them self -- that she or he needed to be so many things -- just to be liked -- let alone loved! 

Talking nicely to yourself may sound a bit corny in the beginning. But that will mostly likely be a resistance coming from you -- because you won't be used to it -- having someone speak gentle words of love and acceptance -- is a new experience for a huge number of people. Sad, huh? Sad that in our so-called advanced world -- that we are not taught to be kind and loving to ourselves.

But there is still something incredibly powerful in one of the sayings we were taught -- "If you don't have anything nice to say -- don't say anything at all." Try that with yourself. DO that FOR yourself. Catch yourself when you thinking or saying something NOT NICE to yourself -- and stop yourself -- stop that thought -- stop those old behaviors -- and create new ones!

If you don't know what kind words sound like -- please take some time to listen to the Queen of self-love, Louise Hay.

She'll help you to feel better about yourself. Close your eyes and just listen ... 



January 26, 2017


Yup -- that idea -- that burning desire -- that thing that keeps you awake at night.

That dream that scares the crap out of you -- DO IT! 

Start small -- start simple -- start now!

Get it out of your mind and down on paper. Draw it. Scribble it. Design it. Create it. Build it piece by piece. Layer by layer. Set it up like it's all real -- like you have nothing to stop you -- no reason big enough to stop you -- no person to stop you, either.

Go to your dream every day. Be in it every day. Build it every day.

See the people that choose to come on board with you. Give them a title -- a position -- a job description.

Know that you are in charge of your dream.   BE IN CHARGE OF YOUR DREAM.   Every aspect of it. 

You gotta start -- WHY NOT NOW?!




January 25, 2017


Going about the business of success and succeeding sure makes people nervous!

And what's up with that? 

Taught to be competitive from tender young ages -- there's a lot of pressure put on people to "succeed." But that is by and large, not as much as we tend to put upon ourselves. How we need everyone to like us -- but have been told that respect is better than being liked. We desire their approval -- but know we must frequently pave the way. We long to fit in, and at the same time, to rise above.

Lots of inner turmoil on this quest for success. For something so wholly desired, most lack a true definition of what success could actually be! Make your own definition of this word! Sit down -- get quiet -- yes, you know I'll add -- get a cup of tea -- breathe deeply a few times -- take a few sips -- and start your list. 

What does success mean to you?

What does success look like? 

Make it YOUR list -- not some version of the life of someone you admire -- YOUR LIST -- YOUR DEFINITION. 

Get crystal clear on what it is you're seeking -- get crystal clear on what it is you desire.

 And stop being so nervous! Just relax -- everything is going to be okay! Just keep checking and redefining your list!

This is your life -- you get to create it any way you choose it to be! 


January 24, 2017


Loving something is great -- but living it -- is the cherry on top of your life!

And it's a real cherry -- not some fake bleached and brined, dyed, marinated-in-high-fructose-syrup cherry. You're gonna get the real thing -- straight from the tree. Cherries in July -- yum! The absolute best. Oh, guess I digressed there for a few seconds -- my bad.

Back to that great life of yours when you're living your passion. Doing what you absolutely love. Making money doing it -- or at the very least -- helping others to live a better life while you're doing something you love. But that is not the very least is it? That's the very best!

But this society says we gotta be making money -- we gotta pay those bills for all those things we thought would make us happy. Things we thought we had to have. Statements we needed to make about yourselves. Like our car, or our address, or square footage, or the brand of our clothes, etc., would say what a wonderful life you have! Look at me. Look at all the things I have. Look at my good life. Whew, I'm sure doing something right!

We know all of that is kind of crap -- but most people want it anyway. Speaking from experience -- that was my life in the 80's -- big time! Nothing like a couple babies in a row in my mid-thirties to change my way of thinking in the 90's! Not just my thinking changed -- my very being changed! It didn't change overnight -- it took half of the 90's for me to get over the 80's!

Things take time. Change takes time. Changing the way you think, and the things you think about, actually take some serious practice -- and they take time, too.

But doing it from a place of love -- and doing the things you love to do -- make it so much easier!

 January 23, 2017

Boom! Looks like that post got lost! It was about the way you see yourself -- but it'll be worth repeating.


January 22, 2017


Yes, we have them! Poisonous thoughts and beliefs that limit our lives, as well as our very being. Residues that have never been washed completely away. Toxins that have penetrated cells and changed their structures -- memories that keep us stagnated -- old beliefs that have stopped our dreams and ambitions.

These are our inner conflicts.  

Those old thoughts conflict with our new desires -- limit our dreams -- and reshape our true destinies. 

Just like the chemicals applied to our produce -- we are told to wash them away -- but do we get rid of them completely? 

Or are there residues that remain? Ones that we unknowingly put into our bodies? Ones that affects us for the rest of our lives? So, we have choices -- choose organic -- choose fruits and vegetables that have been grown naturally -- in good soil, with good water, in natural sunlight, the way nature intended.

As children, perhaps our parents did not have tools to raise us "naturally." Just like the farmer who has only known the application of chemicals to make his products grow -- no one taught him any other way to farm.

He will have to relearn farming in order to change his methods.

Just as we have to relearn living in order to change our previous methods of living. 

Things that were taught to us simply because that was the way it had always been done -- or what was done to them (parents, grandparents, teachers, etc.) -- have to stop so that we may create new and healthier ways of living a productive and happier life.

All of these old ways create our inner conflicts. What we have -- doesn't match what we desire. What we do -- doesn't match what we really want to be doing. The relationships we have -- do not match the ones we've dreamed of. Etc. etc. 

The farmer must start from scratch. He must start in new soil. It will take years for his soil to recover from all the years of applying harmful chemicals -- but it will regenerate itself -- nature knows how. 

Just as we all have something within us that knows how to preserve us -- how to sustain us -- protect us -- provide for us. Seeds that have been waiting for the "perfect" opportunity to germinate. Seeds that wouldn't grow until the environment was right for proper growth. Everything and everyone has this inner wisdom. An oak tree acorn already knows how to be an oak tree -- it just has to have the proper environment to grow into what it was designed to be. It doesn't have to have chemicals applied to it to help it grow and flourish -- it can do that all on its own.  SO CAN WE!!


January 21, 2017


"Go to school. Get good grades so you can go to college -- so you can get a good job. Then you'll have a good life." Said just about every one of our parents. They were the children of the Depression -- the Silent Generation (born 1927 - 1945) teaching the Baby Boomers (born 1945 - 1964) life skills. Then the Baby Boomers taught their children about competition and how they had to rise above the rest to succeed in order to have a good life. Our Greatest Generation (born 1901 - 1926) and our Silent Generation were loyal beyond belief to their companies. Dedicated and asked no questions. Keep their heads down and moved ahead. 

The Silent Generation grew up with this saying, "Children should be seen and not heard." That did carry over to some of us Baby Boomers, almost as if children were burdens. If you grow up feeling like a burden -- your life has very little sense of meaning.

Was anyone taught that their lives mattered? Did we grow up believing our lives had meaning or purpose? For most, the answer is an overwhelming, NO! Most couldn't get out of their parent's homes fast enough. And it was not because life was so horrible there -- it was just expected -- 18 years of age -- and you're gone -- you're grown -- your parents did their part -- now it's your turn to create a life of your own. 

Life having some sense of meaning? Not really. Get a decent job. Marry a decent person. Create a decent life. Be a decent parent. Give your kids a decent life. Be a decent citizen. Work for a decent company. Make a decent living.  Live a decent life.   Boom!   The secret to a decent life!  



conforming with generally accepted standards of respectable or moral behavior.
"the good name of such a decent and innocent person"
of an acceptable standard; satisfactory.
"find me a decent cup of coffee"
synonyms: satisfactory, reasonable, fair, acceptable, adequate, sufficient, ample; More

Yet so many never understood why they felt so unfulfilled. Many of the Baby Boomers tried this kind of life -- this kind of living -- and ended up being the generation with the most divorces. 

The Greatest Generation and the Silent Generation just keep their heads down and plugged away -- they were taught NOT to question -- NOT to buck the system. We all remember how the 60's and 70's Boomers handled that!

Then we sort of lost a Generation -- our Gen X'ers (born 1965 - 1980) -- the lonely children of all those divorces.  The first generation to seldom, or not at all remember an entire family sitting down to watch a television program together. Did they feel their lives had any sense of meaning? Oh, they got clever, though, and they learned to manipulate their situations by playing both parents off against each other and such.

Then we have our precious Millennials (born 1981 - 2000) and how we coddled them! Yes, we did attempt to teach them that they were special -- that their lives have meaning -- that everyone is equal -- that everyone is a winner. Most of them are still living with their parents while going to school -- while working to pay off student debt -- while newly married. I will tread lightly here because I have two of them, myself. Both in school full time -- one had home -- the other in a private college.

We haven't quite decided yet what to call all those born after 2000 -- Gen Z -- the iGen -- Boomlets.  And it seems they are a coddled generation, too. And one of our most diverse, as well.

Who teaches us that our lives have meaning when most were not taught anything of the sort?!

Every generation has their faults and their victories -- but we have indeed let ourselves down -- never raised ourselves up enough to discover our very important purpose on this planet. That ALL OUR LIVES HAVE MEANING!

And we all need some sense of meaning to thrive, to prosper, and to fulfill our life's purpose!!

And it is NOT settling for  DECENT!




January 20, 2017


Some have been waiting years for this day -- others have been fearing and dreading this day -- Inauguration Day for Donald J. Trump.

Wake up America!

We still have voices and we still have choices. And we still have to believe. Again, belief is still best put into ourselves, and not in another to control our fate. None of us are powerless. Nor should we be burying our heads in the sand. Stay awake and aware. Yes, we still have our personal missions, and for most, that means simply taking care of your families, but our purpose runs much deeper than that. Stay on track. Stay focused. Stay true to yourself. Stay vigilant. Stay informed. 

We cannot allow fear to control our lives or our destinies, and it certainly is not from a place of fear that we fulfill our soul's purpose.  No matter what we are facing or faced with -- we keep moving -- we do not stop. We do not use people, situations, timing, or possible problems as our excuses. 

Some believe this president is going to change their lives and make things so much better. Others are still in shock that this is the decision America has made. So, right now -- we empower ourselves and make our own decisions. We choose to fail or succeed -- regardless of who holds the office of so-called power -- NO ONE HOLDS YOUR OFFICE OF POWER -- ONLY YOU DO. So take command. Be your own commander-in-chief. Be in command of your own life. 




January 19, 2017


We're all here for a reason. We all have a purpose. We all have a mission. 

We're all here to serve the mission of our soul. And for many, this is crazy talk! Most of us are not taught this through our everyday life teachings nor through our religious teachings.

No birth is accidental. Nothing is unplanned in God's universe. Every life is of value and purpose.

If you have yet to discover yours -- tune in to your own inner wisdom.  Get quiet. Ask questions. Remain quiet and listen.

Although this is not something we are taught either -- wisdom lies within -- not from external sources. Not from those who have multiple degrees -- not from those who claim to have overcome what you are struggling with -- not from those who have studied with gurus -- not from those who have lots of money and so-called power -- and not from those who receive special message from special sources because they have special gifts. 

YOU ARE SPECIAL -- YOU ARE YOU -- THAT'S ALL YOU CAME HERE TO BE. The best you -- you can possibly be!

This is how you serve your soul.  Breathe deeply -- listen closely. Oprah knows -- do have a look.



 January 18, 2017


I took a break!

I made a choice. For one week -- I did not open my laptop. 

The world did not come crashing to a halt. People did not forget me.  I did not lose "friends." I did not suffer any type of withdrawal symptoms. I survived. I focused on family. I was fully present. I participated. I enjoyed. I laughed. I cried. I ate foods I normally do not. I slept in. I let things go. I surrendered -- and I had a terrific week! 

I was totally out of my element -- out of my "normal" routine -- but completely IN my life.

We all have choices. Some choices are hard. Others are much easier. Some choices have huge impacts -- others, not so much. Some choices we agonize over -- and out of fear -- do nothing -- so, nothing changes.

OR -- we make the "safe" choice. 

Other choices are much simpler -- and we make them blindly -- or absent-mindedly -- or confidently and without much thought. Look around you -- everything in your life has been of your choosing -- or is it? Perhaps, you let someone choose for you -- because that seemed easier -- less complicated -- but nonetheless -- that was a choice -- your choice -- you chose to let someone else choose for you.

Are there wiser choices versus dumber choices? Should we analyze -- rationalize -- or philosophize over our decisions and choices? Have a look at the philosophy of choice in this Ted Talk video.




 January 11, 2017


You have to manage the thoughts that live in your head. They're like tenants. But they are living in some prime time real estate and most mind managers, don't have a clue.

Those thoughts live in there; they don't pay rent, they damage rooms, they party until late at night, they don't care about how much noise they are making at all hours of the day and night, and they don't care about those around them.

Don't waste your time on eviction notices! Haul each one of them out of there yourself! Some you may have to drag out kicking and screaming, but do it!

Then, reevaluate the property. Clean it up. Move things around. Get rid of most of the furnishings and things you've gotten used to! Then start with a clean and empty space. Leave the windows free of coverings.  Redesign your new property.

Choose only the best furnishings and fixtures, then select the most unique accessories. Have fun doing it! Money doesn't matter one bit! You're free to create the property of your dreams -- YOUR MIND.


January 10, 2017


Give yourself some prime time. Spend time on yourself -- for yourself. Invest in yourself. Quality time with yourself. Spend the time -- usually means -- spend money.

That's because most likely, someone has something to sell you. I'd like to sell you on yourself. When I say spend time on yourself -- invest in yourself -- all it'll cost you is the price of a cup of tea!

Sure there are great seminars, programs, retreats, clubs, inner circles, exclusive cruises, and so much more -- people are getting very creative at asking for (taking) your money! And yes, there will be things you learn in these environments -- and you'll be all pumped up and motivated -- you'll feel invincible --  you'll get a sense of your true power -- and you'll make yourself all kinds of promises -- and you'll actually believe you mean them!

And how long does all of this last? Thousands of dollars in lavish settings to tell you you've got to believe in yourself. And believing in ourselves usually, lasts for about three months. Yup, that's it! Thousands of dollars and you end up back where you started!

You still have to go back home -- back to work -- back to your normal life -- and that's when it happens -- YOU go back to NORMAL. Normal is what we know -- what we've gotten used to -- even if we claim we hate it -- we go back to it. 

Invest in a cup of tea -- every day -- and sit down with yourself -- talk nicely to yourself -- insert positive thoughts for the entire time it takes you to sip that cup of tea. Every time you catch your mind wandering -- bring it back to positive self-talk.

Twenty minutes -- that's what it will take. Can you do this for yourself? Will you make this kind of investment in yourself? You're still in your everyday life -- but with a calmer mind -- a kinder outlook -- a body relieved of stress -- a gentler approach to yourself -- you are going to see changes. YOU ARE GOING TO CHANGE.

Your outlook will change from looking inward -- and this is PRIME TIME WITH YOURSELF!

That's where your true power lives and accessing it daily will strengthen you and strengthen your convictions.







January 9, 2017


For playing small? For living small? For towing the line? For fitting in? For not rocking the boat? For keeping quiet? For forgetting about your dreams?


Who really chooses that life? Sadly, we end up settling. Because we end up trapped -- in debt -- in limiting beliefs -- in scarcity -- in fear -- in unfulfilling relationships -- in jobs or careers we have no passion for -- in not believing in ourselves. That's what it really boils down to -- we don't believe enough in ourselves to work hard enough -- to push past our feelings of ineptitude -- to discover who we truly are and all we are truly capable of.

What do you want your grandchildren to remember about you?

What can you contribute to in this lifetime? What difference can one person truly make? Is that person YOU?

YES! It's YOU!    All the rah-rah in this video is for YOU!   EVERY DAY MATTERS !   SURRENDER THE EVERYDAY MATTERS -- move past them, through them, beyond them, and you will discover why YOU matter!





  January 8, 2017


Not many really teach us about our unlimited abilities.

Yet, so many are right there, though, to tell you all the things you cannot do! 

The dream crushers. The nay-sayers. The doubters. The poo-pooers. The soul stompers. Whatever you call them, they're out there, and they're right there in your own home, and they could be sharing a bed with you, too. Pushing past all of them to do the things you know you can do, or totally dream of doing, is going to be a challenge. But allowing any of those folks to live in your head -- is going to do you in!

Here's how to master your way through it all to keep moving forward when doubt from the outside -- as well as the doubt that creeps up from within.


January 7, 2017


I began typing in these two words in a search this morning and was flooded by all the cities in which we've had a shooting. How sad is all of this?

We have lost our way. We have lost ourselves. We have lost our true purpose, and we are stumbling around in the darkness. And in the darkness, there is much confusion, fear, and anxiety; none of which benefits anyone or society. This vibration of chaos permeates our entire planet. It seeps in slowly, little by little, eating away at our souls.

We witness some acting out -- acting out their fear, their desperation, their lost connection with themselves, and they feel meaningless, worthless, and of no purpose. 

Or they have aligned themselves with something that has been distorted -- just so they can feel they are a part of something -- connected to something -- or to someone. They've forgotten that we are all inter-connected.

A lost soul is a sad soul -- and is sad for all of society. Acts of random or seemly senseless violence, sends out a message to society -- but is that message interpreted correctly? Are we really receiving the message? 

 Or have we lost our way?


January 6, 2017


We hear this word. We wait for this word -- this happening -- this enlightenment. People speak of the "epiphanies" they've experienced and how powerful they were -- some even had their lives change because of something that finally just clicked. 

Here's an official definition of the word by Merriam-Webster:

 (1) : a usually sudden manifestation or perception of the essential nature or meaning of something (2) : an intuitive grasp of reality through something (as an event) usually simple and striking (3) : an illuminating discovery, realization, or disclosure b : a revealing scene or moment.

The religious definition is not quite the same: (Wikipedia)

Epiphany (?-piff-?-nee), also Theophany[1] or Three Kings' Day,[2] is a Christian feast day that celebrates the revelation of God in his Son as human in Jesus Christ. In Western Christianity, the feast commemorates principally (but not solely) the visit of the Magi to the Christ child, and thus Jesus' physical manifestation to the Gentiles.[3][4] Moreover, the feast of the Epiphany, in some Western Christian denominations, also initiates the liturgical season of Epiphanytide.[5][6] Eastern Christians, on the other hand, commemorate the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan River, seen as his manifestation to the world as the Son of God.[7]

Epiphany is a realization -- a recognition -- a remembrance. We are all so much greater than we've been lead to believe.  

For the magical moments when we remember something about our higher, more divine selves -- it is indeed a celebration. It is an awakening, and from this place there is growth. It is the sun breaking through the fog. The storm subsiding. The rainbow in the sky. Moments for which gratitude grabs at the heart and expands it -- helps it to grow.


Here's another short video for growth


January 5, 2017


Oh, the ups and downs of life! When we're up -- we feel invincible -- but when we're down -- the world and everyone in it sucks! "They don't understand. They don't care. They don't know even when they say they know. They think they can talk me out of my pain. They think they know pain. But my pain is different."

Blah, blah, blah.

All that kind of talk is about staying in your pain. It's about quitting. It's about limiting beliefs. It's about not having a clue about your true self. It's about not believing in yourself. It's about not knowing who you are and why you're here.

You're in the middle of a storm. It's dark and you're shivering in the cold and you can't see because the rain is hitting you in the face. The wind is so fierce that you cannot hear those calling out to you. You have no shelter. Nowhere to go, and it seems that no one cares or understands that you cannot find your way back home.

First of all, turn your back to the rain! Give yourself a fighting chance. It's a storm, yes it could be a very bad one, but it cannot last forever. Ride it out! It will pass. 

Sadly, there is depression that some of us do not know and will never know and that takes a whole different approach. 

But for the everyday pains of confusion, desperation, fear, etc., all coming from a place within us that believes we are not good enough -- that storm will pass. 

Asking for help may be as simple as asking for a hug -- someone to hold you during the storm. They don't have to have all the answers -- they don't have to have words of wisdom -- all they need to do is be there with you.   

Free yourself from damaging and limiting thoughts running wild in your mind. All those thoughts have banned together and created the storm you are facing -- turn your back to them! Shut them down. Stop them. Tell them to bugger off! 

Insert new thoughts instead. Push out the old negative ones with the new positive and uplifting ones you consciously choose to insert instead. Yes, it is a reprogramming.  It is out with old and in with the new!

In truth, most of us didn't start the programming that has limited us -- someone else did -- a parent, a teacher, a grandparent, yes, someone who should have known better -- but didn't. They passed on what was given to them -- negativity and little sense of self-worth.  Do you wish to pass this on to anyone else? No, I didn't think so. 

Get rid of it now.

Please have a look at a wonderfully inspiring video.  I am not sure who the young man is that interrupts the video and brags about his good life -- you can click off his ad -- or you can watch to see what he is all about. The video is very good, though, and definitely worth your time. 



January 4, 2017


Wouldn't it be fabulous to wake up to your great life every day?!  Your great life is happening right now! It exists in every moment of your life. It's right here, right now as you are reading these words. Welcome to your great life!

What will make everything great about your life, every day, is what you think about your life; what you feel about what is happening, and the talk going on in your head. Oh, that head of yours -- that brain -- those memories -- those old beliefs -- those outdated ideas -- those warped and distorted recollections -- the JUNK -- that still lives there is where the problem exists. 

Soooooo, get rid of them! Stop blaming others and MOVE ON. You're the adult now -- you're the one in charge -- you're the boss of your own life -- if your life sucks -- honey, that's on you!

Ouch -- yes, I know that hurts a bit -- it may even hurt a lot -- but dump it. Replace it. Revise it. RELIVE your life -- starting right this moment.

Yes, there's a video for you -- and it's a very good one -- jump in -- go deep -- this is your great life they're talking about! (of course, Tony Robbins is going to show up in it!) (I'm still in love with him, you know.)



January 3, 2017

 Okay, I'm on a bit of a Tony Robbins high these days! But I wasn't always. For years I couldn't stand him.  Just the image of the little headset mic and him running up on stage in front of hundreds of screaming fools (or so I thought back then) used to just turn me off.  What was that all about for me? I prejudged him. I labeled him. I misunderstood him. I criticized him. I knew nothing about him. Any of you ever done that?

I thought he was just one of those rah-rah motivators back in the 80's just raking in gullible people's money. And then I forgot about him for many years. I started to wake up and my spiritual journey began and I left behind my greed mentality of the 80's. I opened up to many teachings -- people I believed were the opposite of him. I paid those people a lot of my money. And it did take me a while to learn that the power I needed and was looking for -- was within me.

 No authentic or so-called guru could give me the answers -- I needed to find my own inner voice -- trust it and listen to it.

I heard other speakers make comments about Tony and how so many of his followers tried to be like him -- clones of him -- and again -- that turned me off. Until one day -- when I actually listened to him -- I watched an entire video -- and I was not just blown away -- I fell in love -- not in the usual way -- but he touched something inside of me -- and I looked at him differently -- from a place of love that he had woken up.  I watched one video after another, after another, after another.

He was bold and brash and cursed like a drunken sailor and said things to people that shocked me almost as much as it shocked them! But I also saw on their faces when they got something, when they understood their behaviours, and when they let go of old beliefs -- and I was stunned! He's powerful beyond imagination. Well, almost, I have a pretty vivid imagination, but he is right up there! 

I'll admit that he intimidates me, but that is about me, not him.

Please allow me to share a quick video of his about our SIX HUMAN NEEDS -- I think this is amazingly powerful. First, it will help you understand what you need and why you need it -- then it is going to help you in all your relationships. Whether those relationships are intimate, or with family members, co-workers, employees, whomever -- this really helps you GET people at their core level -- which is also YOUR core level.

Yes, first we must GET ourselves!     I'm sorry -- I believe this video has been removed. I'll find another one.

Here are our SIX HUMAN NEEDS: 1) Certainty 2) Variety 3) Significance 4) Connection 5) Growth 6) Contribution

January 2, 2017

"You hurt my feelings." "I feel so empty." "Without him, I'll never be happy!"

 "That's just the way I feel." "I can't help the way I feel!"

YES, YES YOU CAN!  YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN HAPPINESS! You are in charge of your success, your failure, your happiness, your love life or the lack thereof, your mood, and you are responsible for your own feelings. No one hurts your feelings -- you allow something they did or said to hurt you. When we look outside of ourselves for happiness -- that is the immediate recipe for defeat. "Oh, but I felt so happy when we were together. I'll be miserable now that he/she is gone." There it is -- "I'll be miserable ..." so guess what? You end up miserable! 

Yes, it's the things we tell ourselves over and over in our minds, that truly creates our reality.

Here's Tony Robbins again with just three things you can do to immediately change the way your are feeling ...



January 1, 2017


 There's nothing wrong with the real you or the old you!

Could we all make changes to better our lives? Of course! But where does one start? Start simple because a whole list of things to change/do is going to wear you down real quick. And we all know what happens to goals and resolutions we don't accomplish -- don't we? They bring us down -- on ourselves. We beat ourselves up. We give up. We quit.

 The thing I'm changing this year is what I do immediately after waking up. The first thing I'm putting into my body is something healthy -- tea -- or my warm freshly-squeezed lemon water beverage. I'm not going to my social media sites first -- I'm coming here -- to my website. Before going to bed, I write in my calendar the things I need to do the next day or just little reminders for the things I wish to continue with. I go to that list first -- also before the social media sites -- because I think most of us know that over there -- we can get caught up, distracted, and lose a whole morning with what seems like the blink of an eye.

I'm choosing to add a video clip from Tony Robbins about this time of year. The message I received is about my rituals -- for me, it is my morning rituals I wish to improve -- and that's where I'm starting. I'm quite certain there will be something in his video message that will speak to you. 

 What I wish to conclude with is that I feel we all need to be much kinder and gentler with ourselves. Start thinking good things about yourself -- start talking to yourself with a voice of compassion and love -- and just do what you can to make this a HAPPY new year -- and a HAPPIER you!


December 31, 2016


Another chance. A clean slate. Try again -- begin again, fresh

Yes, the end of the year and the beginning of the new one always seems to offer hope, doesn't it? We all need hope. Yes, we do, it's what keeps us going -- what keeps us trying. Just why doesn't it last very long?

Why do we quit?  Why do we give up on ourselves?

"Oh, it's so hard!"  I had no idea it was going to take so long and be so challenging!"  "I can't do this!" Snivel. Snivel. Snivel.

I don't say this to be mean -- I say it because I know it to be true! Yes, that's been me, too.  And not that long ago, either!

Some years at this time -- I was angry at myself -- disappointed in myself -- hurt -- confused -- frustrated -- etc., etc.. 

All of these emotions because deep down we know we only have ourselves to blame. 

But here we go again. A new start. A chance to really look at what was good -- and what was not so good. Focus on the positive things -- let go of the things you didn't accomplish --  and forgive yourself. Never mind attempting to dissect what went wrong -- just let it all go and create a new plan for yourself. 

I'm not going to tell you to set goals, write down action steps, set time frames for yourself, nothing like that. YOU know what you need to do! YOU know what works for YOU.  

JUST DO IT! One little step at a time -- every day. Do something every day. 




 December 29, 2017

 I always tell people, just because it's in a teabag -- doesn't mean it's TEA!

This is a silly little spoof on just that! ONLY TEA WILL TEA! 

As only Jimmy Fallon can do!

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